We offer the following services in the counties of Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven, Windham, Tolland and New London.


Title searches:  Searches of all lengths, both residential and commercial, including current owner, two owner, multilple owner, full 40 year statutory search. (order online)

Document Retrievals:  We can obtain copies of any land record or other public document and have them returned to you in one business day. (order online)

Recordings:  We deliver the documents to be recorded in person to the town hall, and perform an bringdown from the search through date of the prior recording, up to 6 months, prior to recording. (order online)

Owner Verification: Determines the identity of the present owner of property from the municipal tax assessor's records and reviews the chain of title back to an arms length transaction, includes a copy of the present vesting deed. (order online)

Municipal Searches: Examination of various municipal regulatory agencies to determine if there are any enforcement actions against the property (can be ordered with any title search or can be ordered separately). (order online)

Probate Court Search:  Review of any probate files for owners/deceased owners to determine any effects on the property (can be ordered with any title search or can be ordered separately). (order online)

Foreclosure Court File Reviews: Review of any Foreclosure court proceedings to determine that there are no issues reflected in the court file which may effect title to the property (can be ordered with any title search or can be ordered separately). (order online)


We compile databases of information which can be used for marketing, invstment, credit or other purposes.  Our services are primarily directed to companies which resell the information, including newspapers, vendors for foreclosure lists, investors, attorneys and marketing companies.
a.  Foreclosure Actions: We compile a list of foreclosure actions from the lis pendens, the document recorded on the land records to provide notice of such an action.  Recipients of this information have it at the beginning of the proceeding.  Information provided include the owner's name, bank, property address, and bank's attorney. (read more)
b.  New Home Sales: Purchases of new homes including the names and addresses of the new homers and the date and amount of the purchase. (coming soon)


 Services tailored to specific groups for their title search and public document needs.  Our specialized services focus on the following:

  • Real Estate Brokers - used to examine a property's title prior to listing to insure there are no problems which could interfere with a sale.
  • Foreclosure Experts - Parties practicing in the area of foreclosure of residential and commercial properties, in preparation of or defense of foreclosure proceedings, and purchasers of foreclosed parties.
  • Tax Lien Foreclosures - Municipal tax collectors, assignees of tax liens, and purchasers of properties foreclosed for tax liens.
  • Genealogist - Our searchers can help located family members through search of land records.

We offer two tier pricing, one tier for orders returned in one business day and a second tier for searches returned in five business days.  Our fees also differentiate between residential and commercial properties