Land Records- Town Clerk

Betsy M. Barrett, City Hall, Room 215, Tel. No.: 860-823-3732, Fax 860-823-3812, email

Land Records Index - Has proprietary system requiring subscription. Click to download subscription application.

Fees are: ONE WEEK - $40.00; ONE MONTH - $100.00; SIX MONTHS - $250.00; ONE YEAR: $400.00

Plat Maps:  Unavailable online.  Order pickup of plat map now: $20.00 plus copy costs.  Click to order plat map

Electronic Recording:  Unavailable in this town hall.  Order your recording now.  Click to order recording

Tax Information - Tax Collector

Karlene Deal, Room 105, Tel. No.: 860-823-3732, Fax 860-823-3812, email

Tax Information Online:  click here

Assessment Information - Tax Assessor

Donna Ralston, Room 132, Tel. No.: 860-823-3722, Fax 860-823-3719, email

Assessment Information Online:  click here